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 Below is a list of our most popular services.  If there is an aspect of child and family law that is not listed please get in touch - we can still help

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A contact arrangement between a parent and child often breaks down. It is at this point that you require legal advice to ensure that this contact is reinstated as quickly as possible.

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Harrison Legal provides advice and assistance to parents and children before, during and after children's hearings.

Children's Hearings sometimes make the wrong decision. Our solicitors have a massive amount of experience lodging and conducting appeals on behalf of parents and children.

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The grounds which the children's reporter drafts is one of the most important documents in the hearing system. It will stay with the child throughout their childhood

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CPOs are applied for by social workers when they are seriously worried about children. If you find yourself in this situation contact a solicitor immediately.

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Families sometimes struggle and need help from social workers. Some families never receive the correct support or find themselves having to defend their parenting. We can help.

We can provide advice, guidance and representation if you are either proceeding with an adoption or contesting an adoption.

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Sometimes adults cannot make decisions for themselves and lose legal capacity. The law in this area is complex, we are here to help.

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