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Harrison Legal provides advice and assistance to parents and children before, during and after children's hearings.

Representation at Children's Hearings

Whilst it may seem that the Children’s Hearing is an informal setting, however the decisions being made in respect of your children at these Hearings are most likely going to the most important decisions that will directly impact on both them and you as a family.
We cannot stress how important it is that you have proper advice and guidance before, during and after a Children’s Hearing. We have extensive experience representing clients at these Hearings and we are well equipped to expertly guide you through the process.

Appeals against the Decision

Children’s Hearings do not always make the right decision. That is why there is an appeal procedure available to have the matter reconsidered by a Sheriff. We have vast experience in this area and will be able to advise you of the basis of any appeal, your prospects of success and represent you throughout the process.

Grounds of Referral

When a child is referred to the Children’s Reporter and a Children’s Hearing is convened, the Grounds of Referral will be brought before that Hearing. This document contains statements of fact which contain allegations made against either the child, family member or third party that directly impact upon the child.

You require proper advice and guidance regarding your position prior to the Grounds being put to you at a Children’s Hearing. Whether these Grounds are established has outreaching ramifications for the child throughout their childhood.

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